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♦   Hair removal

     Excess hair can ocur on any part of the body and can be successfully removed using IPL or      Electrolysis. You will have a free consultation with Lynda to discuss the most suitable t      treatment for you.


 Skin tags

    Skin tags are small growths of skin, sometimes pigmented and can be found on both men     and women in many areas of the body, typically the neck, eyelids, underarms, waist line,     bikini  and breast area. These are harmless but for some patients may be unsightly and can     be easily removed with diathermy.


♦  Thread veins – Telangiectasia

    These tend to occur on the face and legs and generally consist of fine visible veins appearing     near the surface of the skin. They can increase over time. Leg thread veins are very common,     1 in 5 women find them very embarrassing and distressing. Only fine veins on legs can be     successfully treated.


♦  Milia/Whiteheads

    Milia appear as pearly white, round lumps, under the skin or raised above and are found on     the face. They are easily removed by piercing the surface of the skin or by diathermy and     releasing the fatty material inside.


♦  Rosacea

    Rosacea is a common condition of unknown cause affecting facial skin. It usually appears     when people reach 30–40 and manifests as a flushing/redness on the cheeks, nose and     forehead and chin. If left untreated it can worsen and the redness can increase. Bumps and     pimples and small dilated blood vessels become visible.


Electrolysis and Laser (IPL) are used to treat the following conditions. Treatments are suitable for males and females of any age, and are effective on any skin and hair type.

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